About orgCenter™

If your company is looking for a customer relation management product to improve communications, increase efficiencies and centrally manage databases, orgCenter™ provides such a solution at an affordable price, with all the benefits of a web deployed solution. orgCenter™ can be implemented nationally or internationally, where all users are only required to have a web browser. Orgcenter is also ideal for thin client environments.

orgCenter™ is a Business Intelligence tool providing essential input to the business strategy. Process driven business intelligence provides a pillar to performance assurance and adding to an organization's bottom line.

orgCenter™ fuses business intelligence and enterprise search technology that integrates meta-data, structured and unstructured data sources.

For customers that are looking for a leading edge CRM, ERM tool that will rapidly integrate with existing business practices, orgCenter™ is an easy-to-use, intuitive product offering. Some of our customers have built successful sales teams within three months.

orgCenter™ has an integrated ledger, inventory, manufacturing and payroll system that fully integrates with all aspects of BI, CRM and ERM functions of the system.

orgCenter™ is available in four customized schemes, tailored to meet your company’s specific requirements.

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